Test Bank for Social Psychology, 8E Elliot Aronson

Test Bank for Social Psychology, 8E Elliot Aronson
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Social Psychology, 8E Elliot Aronson test bank

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Introducing Social Psychology
Chapter 2 Methodology: How Social Psychologists Do Research
Chapter 3 Social Cognition: How We Think about the Social World
Chapter 4 Social Perception: How We Come to Understand Other People
Chapter 5 The Self: Understanding Ourselves in a Social Context
Chapter 6 The Need to Justify Our Actions
Chapter 7 Attitudes and Attitude Change: Influencing Thoughts and Feelings
Chapter 8 Conformity: Influencing Behavior
Chapter 9 Group Processes: Influence in Social Groups
Chapter 10 Interpersonal Attraction: From First Impressions to Close Relationships
Chapter 11 Prosocial Behavior: Why Do People Help?
Chapter 12 Aggression: Why Do We Hurt Other People? Can We Prevent It?
Chapter 13 Prejudice: Causes and Cures
Chapter 14 Social Psychology in Action 1: Making a Difference with Social Psychology: Attaining a Sustainable Future
Chapter 15 Social Psychology in Action 2: Social Psychology and Health
Chapter 16 Social Psychology in Action 3: Social Psychology and the Law

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