Test Bank for Child Development, 9E Laura E. Berk

Test Bank for Child Development, 9E Laura E. Berk
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Child Development, 9E by Laura E. Berk test bank

Table of Content

1. History, Theory, and Applied Directions
2. Research Strategies     
3. Biological Foundations, Prenatal Development, and Birth     
4. Infancy: Early Learning, Motor Skills, and Perceptual Capacities  
5. Physical Growth   
6. Cognitive Development: Piagetian, Core Knowledge, and Vygotskian Perspectives    
7. Cognitive Development: An Information-Processing Perspective  
8. Intelligence  
9. Language Development        
10. Emotional Development      
11. Self and Social Understanding    
12. Moral Development     
13. Development of Sex Differences and Gender Roles     
14. The Family 
15. Peers, Media, and Schooling 

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