Test Bank for Contemporary Financial Management, 13th Edition R. Charles Moyer

Test Bank for Contemporary Financial Management, 13th Edition R. Charles Moyer
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Contemporary Financial Management, 13th Edition by R. Charles Moyer test bank

Table of Content

Chapter 1: The Role and Objective of Financial Management.
Chapter 2: The Domestic and International Financial Marketplace.
Chapter 3: Evaluation of Financial Performance.
Chapter 4: Financial Planning and Forecasting.
Chapter 5: The Time Value of Money.
Chapter 6: Fixed Income Securities: Characteristics and Valuation.
Chapter 7: Common Stock: Characteristics, Valuation, and Issuance.
Chapter 8: Analysis of Risk and Return.
Chapter 9: Capital Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis.
Chapter 10: Capital Budgeting: Decision Criteria and Real Option Considerations.
Chapter 11: Capital Budgeting and Risk.
Chapter 12: The Cost of Capital.
Chapter 13: Capital Structure Concepts.
Chapter 14: Capital Structure Management in Practice.
Chapter 15: Dividend Policy.
Chapter 16: Working Capital Policy and Short-Term Financing.
Chapter 17: The Management of Cash and Marketable Securities.
Chapter 18: The Management of Accounts Receivable and Inventories.
Chapter 20: Financing with Derivatives.
Chapter 21: Risk Management.
Chapter 22: International Financial Management.
Chapter 23: Corporate Restructuring.
Appendix 5A: Continuous Compounding and Discounting.
Appendix 10A: Mutually Exclusive Investments Having Unequal Lives.
Appendix 14A: Breakeven Analysis.
Appendix 20B: Bond Refunding Analysis.

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