Test Bank for CFIN 4, 4th Edition Scott Besley

Test Bank for CFIN 4, 4th Edition Scott Besley
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CFIN 4, 4th Edition Scott Besley test bank

Table of Content

1. An Overview of Managerial Finance.
2. Analysis of Financial Statements.
3. The Financial Environment: Markets, Institutions, and Investment Banking.
4. Time Value of Money.
5. The Cost of Money (Interest Rates).
6. Bonds (Debt)--Characteristics and Valuation.
7. Stocks (Equity)--Characteristics and Valuation.
8. Risk and Rates of Return.
9. Capital Budgeting Techniques.
10. Project Cash Flows and Risk.
11. The Cost of Capital.
12. Capital Structure.
13. Distribution of Retained Earnings: Dividends and Stock Repurchases.
14. Working Capital Policy.    
15. Managing Short-Term Assets.
16. Managing Short-Term Liabilities (Financing).
17. Financial Planning and Control.

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