Test Bank for International Economics, 11th Edition Dominick Salvatore

Test Bank for International Economics, 11th Edition Dominick Salvatore
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International Economics, 11th Edition Dominick Salvatore test bank

Table of Content

1 Introduction 1
2 The Law of Comparative Advantage 
3 The Standard Theory of International Trade 
4 Demand and Supply, Offer Curves, and the Terms of Trade 
5 Factor Endowments and the Heckscher–Ohlin Theory 
6 Economies of Scale, Imperfect Competition, and International Trade 
7 Economic Growth and International Trade 
8 Trade Restrictions: Tariffs 
9 Nontariff Trade Barriers and the New Protectionism 
10 Economic Integration: Customs Unions and Free Trade Areas 
11 International Trade and Economic Development 
12 International Resource Movements and Multinational Corporations 
13 Balance of Payments 
14 Foreign Exchange Markets and Exchange Rates 
15 Exchange Rate Determination 
16 The Price Adjustment Mechanism with Flexible and Fixed Exchange Rates 
17 The Income Adjustment Mechanism and Synthesis of Automatic Adjustments 
18 Open-Economy Macroeconomics: Adjustment Policies 
19 Prices and Output in an Open Economy: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply 
20 Flexible versus Fixed Exchange Rates, the European Monetary System, and Macroeconomic Policy Coordination 
21 The International Monetary System: Past, Present, and Future 

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