Test Bank for The Law and Business Administration in Canada, 14E J.E. Smyth

Test Bank for The Law and Business Administration in Canada, 14E J.E. Smyth
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The Law and Business Administration in Canada, 14E by J.E. Smyth test bank

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Law, Society, and Business
Chapter 2: The Machinery of Justice
Chapter 3: Government Regulation of Business
Chapter 4: The Law of Torts
Chapter 5: Professional Liability: The Legal Challenges
Chapter 6: Formation of a Contract: Offer and Acceptance
Chapter 7: Formation of a Contract: Consideration and Intention
Chapter 8: Formation of a Contract: Capacity to Contract and Legality of Object
Chapter 9:  Grounds Upon Which a Contract May Be Set Aside: Mistake and Misrepresentation
Chapter 10: Writing and Interpretation
Chapter 11:  Privity of Contract and the Assignment of Contractual Rights
Chapter 12: The Discharge of Contracts
Chapter 13: Breach of Contract and Its Remedies  
Chapter 14: Sale of Goods and Consumer Contracts
Chapter 15: Bailment and Leasing
Chapter 16: Insurance and Guarantee
Chapter 17: Agency and Franchising
Chapter 18: The Contract of Employment
Chapter 19: Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 20: Intellectual Property
Chapter 21: Interests in Land and Their Transfer
Chapter 22: Landlord and Tenant
Chapter 23: Mortgages of Land and Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 24: Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships
Chapter 25: The Nature of a Corporation and Its Formation
Chapter 26: Corporate Governance: The Internal Affairs of Corporations
Chapter 27: Corporate Governance: External Responsibilities   
Chapter 28: Secured Transactions
Chapter 29: Creditors’ Rights
Chapter 30: International Business Transactions
Chapter 31: Electronic Commerce
Chapter 32: Privacy

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