Test Bank for Human Physiology, 14e by Stuart Ira Fox

Test Bank for Human Physiology, 14e by Stuart Ira Fox
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Human Physiology, 14e by Stuart Ira Fox test bank

Table of Content

1. The Study of Body Function
2. Chemical Composition of the Body
3. Cell Structure and Genetic Control
4. Enzymes and Energy
5. Cell Respiration and Metabolism
6. Interactions Between Cells and the Extracellular Environment
7. The Nervous System: Neurons and Synapses
8. The Central Nervous System
9. The Autonomic Nervous System
10. Sensory Physiology
11. Endocrine Glands: Secretion and Action of Hormones
12. Muscle: Mechanisms of Contraction and Neural Control
13. Blood, Heart and Circulation
14. Cardio Output, Blood Flow, and Blood Pressure
15. The Immune System
16. Respiratory Physiology
17. Physiology of the Kidneys
18. The Digestive System
19. Regulation of Metabolism
20. Reproduction

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